May 9th, 2011

My mother once said that once you are a mother you never sleep well again,-that no matter how old your children are, they are always on your mind.  How true those words are.

Lucas is our only child.  I have lost sleep to thought about his life.  His past, his present and definitely his future.

Often Lucas has events at school that require sending him with a little money.  He’s in the 3rd grade so a few times a year for a few years we send him to school with cash- book fair, fundraisers, that sort of thing.  I’ve recently discovered that all this time, and quite often, Lucas will give his money to anyone who asks for it.  I am proud of this and happy that he is generous, but I am concerned that maybe we’ve stressed it so much that he could easily be taken advantage of.  We’ve taught him to be generous.  Did we teach him to be manipulated?  We’ve taught him to be patient and passive. Have we taught him to accept bullying?  We’ve taught him to pray for others when they are confrontational.  Have we taught him not to have a voice?

I know there’s a balance.  Now to figure it all out.  Lord, give us wisdom.  Thank You for this blessing we call Lucas.

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