Saying yes when you reeeeeally don’t want to.

Saying yes, when you reeeeeally don’t want to.

April 3rd, 2016

 It is easy to say yes when things are going your way. When you are getting to do the things you want to do, life feels easy. Sometimes, when you least expect it, life will throw you a curveball.
   My sweet Lucas runs like a gazelle. He is truly beautiful to watch. Pure joys radiates from him when he is running. It is an absolute work of God Himself. And he spends a big part of his life practicing and studying and focusing on those things that can help him perform better. He loves it.     A couple of months ago, he got what we all thought was strep throat. Some antibiotics and rest and he was on his way again, not 100%, but better. We repeated this scenario the next two months. Last week he was finally diagnosed with mononucleosis. Mono. The kissing disease for the kid who has never been kissed. The kid who won’t even share a drink with me.     I’ve never had mono or even known someone who did. So, I had no idea what to expect. Lucas is under strict orders to do no strenuous activity for at least four weeks. Four. Weeks. Maybe more. Likely more. The remainder of his track season.     When we delivered the news to him, he had this strange smile on his face. Moms, you know this smile. It’s a “if I keep smiling, I won’t cry” smile. And it’s heartbreaking to witness. Luke’s poker face is usually pretty fantastic. But this broke his heart.     I have asked myself over and over, “why?”.  I had gotten so wrapped up in the emotion of it all, sick baby, heartbroken baby- that I was ready to throw down with whoever got in my way. I was angry.     That’s until, I was gifted with a little Devine intervention. And no, Lucas wasn’t miraculously healed. I was. I called my sister. And I told her all of my woes. And I cried to her. And she, in what I will never confess to her face, gave me just what I needed that day. She Sunday-schooled me.   I was reminded that God is always right. Always good. And always knows what’s best for us, even if we can’t see it ourselves. I was reminded that His plan is perfect. And that there are things this child is intended to do in the meantime. I was reminded that yes, Lucas can’t run right now, but we believe he will run again. And we believe he will run even better than before.     In the meantime, we put our focus on our Lord. And we keep our eyes open for the next opportunity He will offer us.     He always does.

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